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A14 Bionic

5G speed, an A14 Bionic chip, an OLED display, ceramic shield, and a night mode on every camera are available in the Apple iPhone 12. This is also manufactured in various capacities such as 64GB,128 GB, and 256 GB. Black, white, red, green, and blue are the best colors, this device is available in! This phone is also the world’s smallest and lightest 5G phone ever made. It only weighs 146 grams.

The fastest chips ever installed on a smartphone is the A14 bionic which can ensure trillions of operations happen every second, in fact, a mind-blowing, 11 trillion operations per second. this also enables a great battery life and of course is always ahead of time allowing the user to reach maximum benefit within a short period of time. it runs on a Hexa core CPU and an Apple GPU – 4 core graphics. Apple builds all its devices with the best in speed and the newest of technology, which enables users to reach their fullest potential during a busy day, with the high speed and efficient technology powered with the best style to suit anyone in trend.


Apple iPhone 12 is an extremely fast and efficient mobile phone powered with 5G technology. High-quality videos, FaceTime with HD quality, downloading movies in a split of a second, and perform multiple tasks like on no other devices, can be done in this device. it is powered with the fastest and the latest network technology available in this current era.

Display and Ceramic Shield

When the colors are visible, and every moment could be captured with accuracy and precision life is more meaningful. It becomes even more meaningful when your mobile phone allows you to witness the same contrast with incredible color accuracy, Resolution, and clarity. The OLED super retina XDR display delivers the best of the brightest Sparks and the darkest of the blacks as if you were witnessing it live, in the Apple iPhone 12. This display is mind-blowing. the ceramic shield, which is, of course, tougher than any other smartphone glass with almost four times better drop performance, further protects this device. This in fact was introduced with a mixture of new material like nano-ceramic crystals creating a glass that is harder than most metals. This ceramic shield contributes to the durability and the long-lastingness of the front cover, adding to the performance of this device. In addition, the aluminum edges are aerospace-grade shields this device well-meaning is one of the toughest but lightest metals. it is even H2 OK. users need not worry about the splashes, the drops of water, the falls, or the little accidents that could possibly occur as none of these would do anything to damage this mobile phone. it’s just perfect!

Dual camera system

as we spoke about the meaning of life with colors, it’s certainly important that we can capture the moment to relive it through a device that lays in and your palm. The iPhone 12 is equipped with two cameras, the main camera and a selfie camera. Both use wide and ultra-wide lenses and have a dazzling feature of special night modes. Nothing can hinder that desire to capture every moment of the precious happenings of your life. let it be broad daylight or the calming moonlight, a romantic dinner, order graduation ceremony, you will be able to capture everything at its best through these lenses. the special feature lets these cameras work incredibly well at low lights as it brings 27% more light into the picture, giving it a whole new perspective. It is time for pictures, low lights, a camera, and action. You can record 4K HDR videos with Dolby vision. you can edit it and cast it onto anything you want. you will never miss an adorable movement your child or your doggy makes.

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128GB, 64GB


Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White


1 Year Apple Care Warranty and 1 Year Local Claim Warranty


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